40,000 Verizon Workers Strike Against Corporate ‘Race to the Bottom’

verigreedy bay ridge cwa workers verizon wireless destroying middle class jobs

Tens of thousands protest Verizon’s plan to cut middle class jobs despite raking in billions in profits   Verizon workers across the East Coast marched in picket lines on Wednesday in the largest U.S. strike in recent memory to protest the “corporate greed” of the multinational communications behemoth. Verizon has failed to negotiate a fair contract with its employees despite making billions in monthly profits and multiple concessions on the part of union members. Verizon employees’ contract expired eight months ago and talks over a new contract, which have gone on for ten months, broke off last week. About 40,000 […]

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Creating a Constituency for the News

Media consolidation has left many communities with a terrible lack of news service.

In the wake of runaway media consolidation, it’s getting harder to stay informed about your own community. There’s a crisis in journalism. Rapidly changing consumer habits have slashed demand for the print editions of newspapers and magazines, squeezed advertising dollars, and made thousands of media jobs vanish. The news industry’s downturn has created another crisis: People across the country are finding it harder to get the information they need to participate in society and be engaged members of their communities. The public loses the most when local news coverage disappears. According to the latest census from the American Society of […]

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Minimum Wage Inadequate for Steep Housing Costs in the U.S.


Reality Check: Minimum Hourly Wages Needed to Afford a One-Bedroom Apartment in the U.S. (via Americans Against The Tea Party) How much does it really cost to pay for a one bedroom apartment? The National Low Income Housing Coalition released a report that officially shows how much a worker would have to earn according to “fair market rent,” to afford a one bedroom rental… Related articles Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage Agreement: Collective Bargaining Reborn? 5 worst cities to be a renter (unless you’re fabulously wealthy) Increases in Rent = Increases in Homelessness The Cities Where Even 3 Minimum Wage Jobs […]

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3 Stats that Prove the “Recovery” is Just a Shift to Low Wage Jobs

Wages broken down by jobs lost during the Great Recession vs. jobs gained during the Economic "Recovery." (Data via NELP. Chart MJalonschi/BQBrew)

The National Employment Law Project recently released a report(.pdf) on the state of the economic recovery. What it found was an economy where good-paying jobs are being replaced with low-wage jobs. As workers around the country organize for higher wages, the report sheds new light on the new realities of the American economy. The heart of the report can be summarized in these three statistics: Higher-wage occupations constituted 41 percent of recession losses, but only 30 percent of recovery growth. Mid-wage occupations constituted 37 percent of recession losses, but only 26 percent of recovery growth. Lower-wage occupations constituted 22 percent of recession losses, but […]

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