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Keystone PipeLIES Exposed – Fighting Back

Americans across the country are standing up to the depraved and dangerous profit-seeking of Keystone XL supporters and profiteers. Despite the fact that billionaires are pushing public officials to treat environmental activist as terrorists, regular folks from around the country are standing up, even when it means paying the price in prison, to stop the destruction of their community at the hands of runaway corporate greed.

Afro-Futurism in Modern Context (+more)

the shadows took shape afro futurism

The assistant curator Naima Keith takes a tour of the groundbreaking exhibit "The Shadows Took Place" at The Studio Museum in Harlem about Afro-futurism and contemporary art. Afro-futurism explores race through the lens of science fiction, fantasy and magic realism. Check out works from artists around the world grappling with Afro-futurism through photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and video.

The show also explores the influences on Afro-futurism from science fiction writers such as Octavia Butler and Samuel Delany, sonic innovator Sun Ra, futuristic movies like Star Wars, District 9 & The Wiz and the music videos of Parliament Funkadelic and Labelle.

Fewer Resources as Poverty and Hunger Grow in NYC

Workers at Food Bank of NY prepare emergency food supplies for hungry New Yorkers.
Workers at Food Bank of NY prepare emergency food supplies for hungry New Yorkers.

Workers at Food Bank of NY prepare emergency food supplies for hungry New Yorkers.

Poverty and hunger are on the rise in New York City. As former public advocate Bill De Blasio prepares to become the Big Apple's next mayor, his campaign

Total Number of NYC Residents Living in Poverty (via


promises of challenging the gross economic inequalities of the city will be put to the test.

An Increase in Poverty in NYC 2013

Recent census numbers indicate that poverty and income inequality have kept increasing in the city. While NY remains a center of international capital, trade and media, the wealth of the city all too rarely trickles down beyond six-figure earners. As one of the country's most unequal cities, that means that even as developers and bankers are expanding on their investments (and profits) throughout the city, many working class New Yorkers City now find themselves wrestling with poverty and hunger. As explained by the New York Coalition Against Hunger:

While the poverty rate in the U.S. stayed essentially flat in the U.S over 2011 and 2012, poverty increased by 5 percent in New York City. One in five New Yorkers now live below the federal poverty line – $19,090 for a family a three – equaling 1.7 million impoverished residents, a number greater than the entire population of the city of Philadelphia.

The following report by Orie Givens and Jonathan Moffie of the NYC News Service examines how groups like Food Bank of New York and the Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger are dealing with not only an increase in local demand, as hunger increases throughout New York City, but also a cut to the federal SNAP program of around $5 billion. As Voices of NY explains, "cuts in food stamps started at the beginning of November forcing nearly 2 million New Yorkers who rely on them to rethink their monthly budgets."

Hunger Grows in a SNAP from NYCity News Service on Vimeo.


--M Jalonschi


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