“The Mold” in the Forgotten Rockaways

Nearly three months after Sandy, many Far Rockaway residents are still fighting to rebuild after the massive damage caused by the superstorm. Among the biggest threats in its immediate wake was a pandemic explosion in mold, as water and humidity seeped into thousands of homes in the Queens Community.

The following video report produced by Messiah Rhodes outlines some of the disturbing findings from a January survey of 1,251 Far Rockaway residents by New York Communities for Change. As the findings showed, most of the community’s residents have either had to pay to remove health-threatening mold conditions themselves or, insufficiently helped by any sort of government aid, they are simply living with the mold.

Some statistics from the video report:

  • More than four-fifths of residents with wet sheetrock from the storm either still had it 60 days after Sandy, or they paid for it to be removed out of pocket, without any relief aid,
  • Over two-thirds of residents either still had mold in their homes 60 days after sandy or they paid for it be removed themselves, out of pocket.
  • Almost one-fifth of Far Rockaway residents surveyed were still not back in their homes.