New York’s Fast Food Labor Rumble Takes Center Stage

Everyday, including weekends and holidays, at the crack of dawn, fast food workers across New York City begin one of the most grueling, underpaid jobs in the city. Today, hundreds of fast food workers, joined by thousands of supporters, staged pickets, protests and walk outs to demand fair wages, humane working conditions, a say in job security and working conditions. They released the following video, explaining their actions today.

Labor writers Josh Eidelson and Sarah L. Jaffe also have extensive breakdowns of the worker actions.

Jaffe also interviewed Truvon Shim, a Wendy’s worker, who lost everything to Sandy about the importance and meaning of today’s actions.

At 4pm on Thursday Nov. 29, hundreds of workers, their families and supporters are expected to converge on the McDonald’s on Times Square (220 West 42nd Street) in what will be the “coming out” party of the fast food labor movement.