UPDATED: Experience voting difficulties?: NY Comptroller Wants Your Stories

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IMPORTANT UPDATE** Remember Stringer is a Clinton delegate. Primary day voting was a messy and controversial affair in New York. With both voter disenfranchisement and voter purging on the minds of many furious New Yorkers, Comptroller Scott Stringer has announced an audit of the New York City Board of Elections. Stringer, however, is a Clinton delegate, leading many to question whether the audit could possibly cast the Clinton political machine in a bad light. Numerous independent and public media outlets reported on not just the purging and disappearance of thousands of Democratic voters, but also broken machinery, closed pollsites, misleading […]

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40,000 Verizon Workers Strike Against Corporate ‘Race to the Bottom’

verigreedy bay ridge cwa workers verizon wireless destroying middle class jobs

Tens of thousands protest Verizon’s plan to cut middle class jobs despite raking in billions in profits   Verizon workers across the East Coast marched in picket lines on Wednesday in the largest U.S. strike in recent memory to protest the “corporate greed” of the multinational communications behemoth. Verizon has failed to negotiate a fair contract with its employees despite making billions in monthly profits and multiple concessions on the part of union members. Verizon employees’ contract expired eight months ago and talks over a new contract, which have gone on for ten months, broke off last week. About 40,000 […]

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NY State Data Indicates Even More Landlords Duck Rent Limits

Feature Photo: Via Jeffrey Zeldman/cc/flickr

As many as 200,000 New York City apartments could be missing from rent regulation as required by law, according to figures released by the state’s housing agency.     Since the 1990s, New York City has published, and public officials have quoted, an estimate that there are 1 million rent-stabilized apartments in the city, giving some 2 million tenants protections from eviction and unlimited rent increases. The estimate comes from the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development, or HPD, which publishes a survey on which the number is based. Rent-stabilized apartments are vital to affordable housing and thus an […]

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