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Court Ruling in Major Education Case

Photo: Chris Sessums/flikr/cc

STATE SUPREME COURT FINDS FOR PLAINTIFFS IN MAJOR SCHOOL FUNDING CASE November 18, 2014 – New York, NY — Rejecting the state’s attempt to dismiss a major litigation seeking to enforce the funding and other constitutional mandates established in the landmark Campaign for Fiscal Equity v. State of New York litigation (“CFE”), Justice Manuel J. Mendez of the New York

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Police Use of Drones May Threaten Human Rights: UN Expert

(Photo: Jean-Marc Ferré/UN Geneva/flickr/cc)

Among the emerging technology noted in the report is a drone produced by Vanguard Defense Industries that “can be armed with 37-mm and 40-mm grenade launchers, a 12-gauge shotgun with laser designator or can be fitted with an XREP taser with the ability to fire four barbed electrodes that can be shot to a distance of 100 feet, delivering neuromuscular incapacitation to the victim.”

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